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Eclipsis A dowser for video projectors

Eclipsis i1

The necessity to develop a simple and efficient means of blacking out unwanted light from a video projector is obvious to anyone dealing with live performance. Ex Machina's research and development department now proposes a solution which can either gradually mask or almost instantly blackout your projector's output at will.

Accessories - pushbutton

The Eclipsis can be controlled by the lighting industry standard DMX 512 protocol or it's own ASCII text based protocol for use with show control systems such as AMX Crestron or Dataton Trax. Several dowsers may be cascaded in a daisy chain configuration with standard XLR4 or XLR5 cables. The dowser may also be operated by a simple pushbutton remote control and regular "microphone" cables.

Accessories - mountint brackets

An optional bracket is also available to mount the Eclipsis in almost any conceivable orientation.

The only one of it's kind, the Eclipsis was designed with versatility and ruggedness in mind. It is well suited for touring or exhibition purposes.

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